Meet Lindsay

Lindsay's yoga practice began when she least expected. After struggling emotionally with her mother's death, she found yoga and began using it to heal and reconnect with her own body and spirit. She grew her home practice using free Youtube videos, and her first studio yoga class was the first day of her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. Since completing her first teacher training, Lindsay has developed a passion for bringing the movement of yoga in as one part of a holistic ritual that honors each person's life and journey in order to grow and transform, but to also show gratitude for what abilities and gifts we have already been given. 

Lindsay teaches weekly studio yoga classes at Opti-Life and the Maize Rec Center, teaches private workshops for sports teams, and teaches meditation and yoga as a P.E. class at Maize High School. Her current project is conducting research over the long-term effects of breath, meditation, and movement on teenagers and what physical data is shown after practicing the components of yoga. She hopes to turn her research into a book and teach others how to bring yoga into the school system for students of all ages. When she isn't teaching yoga, Lindsay also teaches high school English. She loves pigging out every once in a while on a big ass pizza, binge-watching reality television, reading tarot, and moving with the moon.

Get to know Lindsay in the Fluffle, where she teaches her online yoga classes, tarot tutorials, moon rituals, and more!