Meet Roxanne

Like so many, the physical practice is where Roxanne began her journey into yoga. Back in 2014, she started attending group yoga classes to rehab a knee surgery. Yoga began for her in just the bodywork. Over the years, her practice has expanded into a fundamental lifestyle, living each moment as an embodiment of yoga. This practice helped her discover her authentic self by connecting her physical form with her emotional being, and ultimately her spirituality.


Roxanne truly believes that anyone can benefit from practicing yoga, whether it is to heal a physical ailment or provide guidance for one’s life toward positive transformation and enlightenment. In 2017, she decided she wanted to connect and share this practice with others and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Since then, she has been freelancing and teaching in studios in the Wichita area.


Yoking of body, mind, and spirit is always encouraged during Roxanne's classes in the Fluffle! It's her mission to help the community rise together by sharing her teaching style that cultivates a playful environment blending strength, breath, affirmation, and flow.