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“each time women gather in circles with each other, the world heals a little bit more.. ”

What is a moon circle?

The moon circle is an online tribe that meets during the full moon of each month to awaken the divine feminine within and support each woman in the circle.


When you join the circle you're joining a tribe of real women, committed to real growth and connection by honoring our cyclical nature and creating intentional lifestyle rituals that align with the moon. Each month we'll explore how to nourish the mind, body, spirit connection with ourselves, the women around us, and nature.

We live in an overly connected world with social media at our fingertips, but are we creating the right connections?


If you're a woman who is looking for a deeper, more meaningful connection with a tribe of other like-minded women, the moon circle is for you. You'll dive into the philosophical side of yoga, explore Ayurveda, and dip your toes into tantra from the comfort of your own home - all while having the support and space within the circle to authentically express yourself, discuss your triumphs and struggles, and learn what it means to embrace the divine feminine within. 

who is it for?
How Does it work?

When you join the circle you'll be added to the private Moon Circle Facebook group and email list. Each month I will hold a live class call on Zoom. A few days before the class I'll send you an email reminder with the date & time as well as the link to join the class from your phone, ipad, latop, etc - I will also post the link in the Facebook group. 


If you can't join a live class an email of the recorded class will be available within 24 hours after that class. Please note that in order to fully immerse yourself in this practice and reap the intended benefits, when you join the circle, you commit to the entire year. 


Monthly moon circle


Registration for the monthly moon circle opens on February 1st, 2020 and closes March 1st.


 Below are the following dates for a year of growth, self-love, and sacred sisterhood:

- March 3rd

- April 7th

- May 7th

- June 5th

- July 3rd

- August 2nd

- September 2nd

- October 1st

- October 30th

- November 29th

- December 29th

- January 28th, 2021

- February 27th, 2021