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A guide to unlocking your pelvic floor, discover your divine feminine energy, & rise to your highest self. 

I first became passionate about yoga when I stepped on my mat to help navigate life postpartum and into motherhood. This passion was fueled by my yoga practice introducing me to my own divine feminine energy both on and off the mat. This discovery of how being a nurturing, intuitive, and empathic person wasn’t a weakness, but rather a powerful part of who I am as a woman changed my perspective of yoga entirely. Since then, I've spent countless hours gathering the necessary knowledge and education to become the resource I needed and so many other women still need.


I created Root to Rise, a yoga-inspired eBook, as a guide for you to take simple and effective principles from yoga to help discover the root of your energy by reestablishing the mind-body connection of your pelvic floor, utilize that energy as a source to navigate daily life, and learn how to release unwanted stress from the body to rise to your highest self.  I am beyond blessed to share this one-of-a-kind resource that combines my experience, education, and passion for women's physical, emotional, and mental wellness with you. 


For more information on the Root to Rise eBook, it's launch this fall, or join the early-bird waiting list (which includes discounts and perks like joining the affiliate program) scroll down!

“Being aware of your pelvic floor and its intricate connection to your health is essential to your wellbeing.”

- Keira Wetherup Brown

Who is it for?

Root to Rise was written to help you better understand how reestablishing the mind-body connection of the pelvic floor can help with:

  • incontinence

  • chronic constipation

  • a low desire for intimacy

  • painful intimacy

  • low back/hip pain

  • SI joint pain & sciatica

  • stress & anxiety

  • painful periods

  • menstrual issues

  • conceiving

  • labor & delivery

  • restoring your core following childbirth

  • losing the "mommy pooch"

  • feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, etc.

  • connecting to the foundation of who you are

What's Included?

Root to Rise isn't just an eBook, but a one-of-a-kind guide that includes:​​

  • when to see a doctor or physical therapist

  • pelvic floor basics (anatomy, function, location)

  • healthy pelvic floor guidelines

  • self-assessment for pelvic floor dysfunction

  • how to decrease your risk of pelvic floor dysfunction

  • a look at which habits are causing pelvic floor issues

  • unlocking the 3 chakras connected to the pelvic floor

  • how to connect your pelvic floor and core

  • why it's important to retrain your breath to restore your core & pelvic floor

  • different pranayama (breathing) techniques

  • physical exercises/postures to avoid

  • a series of safe yoga sequences to practice

  • your monthly cycle & menstrual issues

  • basics for conceiving, labor, delivery, and your postpartum phase

  • how & when to check your progress

  • how to create a routine that allows you to have a sustainable practice

  • and more!

Grab your copy!

The Root to Rise eBook will be launching this fall! I'll be sending out an exclusive email to those who join the waiting list for the eBook that will include the launch date, special early-bird pricing, option to join the affiliate program, and more! To join the waiting list, scroll down and enter your information below!

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